SAGE MILES provides a certificate for each manuscript edited by its language editors confirming that the manuscript has been edited with all standard editing procedures and is ready for submission provided all changes we proposed are incorporated in it. This certificate will allow editors/publishers to feel confident that the paper is free from language and formatting issues.

Verify a SAGE MILES Certificate

A unique 20-digit verification code is assigned to every manuscript edited through SAGE MILES. To verify that a manuscript submitted for publication has been edited through SAGE MILES and that all SAGE MILES suggestions and changes are incorporated in it, enter the verification code mentioned in the certificate provided to you along with the manuscript by the author(s) in the box below. You will then be guided to check the edited document against the document submitted to you. You can also contact us. to get a copy of the manuscript edited by us.

What will this certificate do for me?

This certificate informs the editor/publisher that the language in your manuscript meets the required publishing standards. If your manuscript is rejected by the editor/publisher due to language errors after you have correctly retained/incorporated all changes suggested by our editor(s) and no other material in any form has subsequently been added to or removed from it without our knowledge, we promise to re-edit the manuscript for free.

What does the certificate look like?

View a sample certificate

How do I use this certificate?

Simply submit the certificate as one of your documents during the manuscript submission process.

How can I receive a certificate?

Upon your request, a certificate will be sent to you via email to your registered email ID after the completion of the project. It will be a PDF document containing a unique verification code which the editor/publisher can use to verify that the article submitted by you has been edited by us.

If you have any questions or concerns about the edited document, please do not hesitate to contact us.

NOTE: SAGE MILES is not responsible for any part of the manuscript that may have been produced without our editing or for any changes the author makes to the manuscript after receiving the final version from SAGE MILES. To ensure that the submitted manuscript is identical to the one finalized by SAGE MILES, the certificate will contain a unique verification code and a link for the editors/publishers to verify that the certificate is genuine and was issued for the submitted manuscript edited by SAGE MILES editor(s). Editors/publishers (and anyone to whom the verification code is provided) will be able to see the version of the manuscript that SAGE MILES has finalized.