Get your manuscript ready for publication with SAGE MILES

Offload your copyediting worries to our team of experts. We will ensure that your content is in great shape by taking care of grammar, punctuation, wording, typos, and structure. You can be an academic writer or a fiction writer, or you may be submitting your article to a forum, our team of experts can help you get your content publication-ready.

Our team of expert editors will ensure that your content is in proper shape by:

  • Eliminating grammatical mistakes, stylistic/mechanical inconsistency, and spelling errors.
  • Improving clarity, readability and overall language usage.
  • Using appropriate terminology where required.
  • Helping in structural flow to make the content lucid
  • Suggesting and implementing additions and deletions, noting them at the sentence and paragraph levels.

SAGE MILES offers two need-based services:

  • Regular Copyediting
  • Fast-Track Copyediting

Regular Copyediting

Regular Copyediting can help you edit your work and remove any ambiguity by taking care of the grammar, spelling, structure, and typos.

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Fast-Track Copyediting

A detailed and thorough copyediting service that will deliver your text back to you quickly. The Fast-Track Copyediting service will involve all the processes followed in regular copyediting but with a faster turnaround time.

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